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What is the process of custom T-shirts

T-shirts is not easy for companies to create work clothes that match their corporate culture. There are many factors to consider, so you can make a satisfactory quality work clothes only after careful consideration of your company and employees. What issues should companies be aware of when customizing T-shirts for employees?

First: Sincerely choose a custom T-shirt manufacturer. Consider not only the various requirements of the company, but also issues that the company cannot consider. Only professionals can do this. His professionalism allows him to become more familiar with this knowledge, advocate for improvement, keep up with the times, grow with modern companies, and understand the work clothes that modern companies want. . Of particular importance is the suitability of work clothes and this step plays a very important role.

Second: It is to introduce the company's series of situations to a custom manufacturer. The more detail, the closer you are to the more appropriate work clothes. To introduce corporate culture to custom culture, it is mainly based on stability or vitality. Introducing company employees, gender ratio, and age distribution. You need to show your custom T-shirt maker whether you want to divide your work clothes by gender, mainly based on youth fashion or because it is old and stable. Introducing the nature of the company's work environment to custom manufacturers Are there any dangerous factors? Do I need to pay attention to the protective effect of work clothes when designing? Specifically, what process, how large, and where to print with the company logo printing. These must be clearly explained to the custom manufacturer

Third: Communication with employees. Workwear is an important step that employees wear and is a way to increase employee motivation. You can collect employee suggestions, communicate them to a custom manufacturer, tell them to the custom manufacturer, and incorporate employee opinions.

4th: Waiting for a design proposal from a custom manufacturer. After the company reads the sample, they present their opinions and suggestions and let the manufacturer change the design until they are satisfied. The next step is batch customization, which can be mass-produced after company employees try it on.

Fifth: mass production work equipment can not guarantee the quality of the product completely. Therefore, thoughtful after-sales service is especially important. It is important to find a reliable and honest custom manufacturer. Problem workwear can be returned to the factory for repair or modification until the employee is satisfied.

When customizing a regular T-shirt, the T-shirt must not only meet the company's cultural implications and development needs, but also be comfortable for the employee. This is a manifestation of human civilization. Comfortable work clothes increase employee confidence and increase work speed. Special industrial workwear also requires special fabrics and special designs to protect the personal safety of employees and to complete their work smoothly.