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How to prevent deformation of customized polo shirts

Often the polo shirt neckline is deformed or rounded after being worn for a long time, but the most important aspect of customizing the polo shirt is the fashionable style. So how should you prevent the collar from deforming when you wear a custom polo shirt?
In the POLO shirt, the easy-to-deform fabric is pure cotton. High quality POLO shirts with special treatment will not be deformed. If you want to solve these problems, you can choose a relatively high quality cotton POLO shirt. Of course, this is a one-time method, but it is also an expensive method. Since deformation is related to cleaning and drying and is primarily a cleaning issue, let's look at the issues to be aware of when cleaning.
Summer custom POLO shirts are thin and cotton is not very wrinkle resistant. The water temperature during washing is usually 30 ° -35 ° C, soaked for a few minutes, but should not be too long. Do not squeeze after washing. Cool and do not expose to sunlight to prevent fading. Therefore, it is recommended to neutralize with acid detergent (soap etc.). We recommend using a special cotton detergent. Change so that the sweat does not stay on the clothes for a long time.

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