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How to quickly choose the right thermal underwear?

Tips for buying thermal underwear

1. When buying thermal underwear, you need to make a reasonable choice and compare the cost performance of the products.

2. The basic function of thermal underwear that correctly processes and identifies thermal underwear product advertisements is to maintain a warm and comfortable state. Some advertising content lacks scientific evidence. Do not blindly trust so-called high-tech concepts such as cards.

3. When choosing thermal underwear, the fabric must be soft and comfortable, light in weight, resilient and warm.

4. Insulation The insulation of underwear is inversely proportional to the air permeability (fabric density). To address the various traps in the thermal underwear market, you need to look, feel, hear, try, and choose when buying thermal underwear.

Fabric appearance: The various thermal underwears on the market fall into three categories: high, medium and low, and the fabrics used are cotton 40, cotton 32, polyester cotton and refined fiber. Products made with more than 40 cottons are excellent, soft, clean, breathable, glossy, lint free after washing and silk free after prolonged wearing.

Second, high quality underwear has high requirements for the production of insulation layers. Microfiber is used for high quality insulation lining. Use this. Garments made with this kind of lining are soft and comfortable and have good insulation properties. Thus, a product that is soft and non-feeling when held by hand indicates that the material is better, the intermediate carding and compounding process is more advanced, and the wearing performance is better. You.

Three listening voices: A typical old-fashioned thermal underwear product uses a layer of ultra-thin hot-melt film (commonly known as PVC plastic film) on a heat-resistant lining to increase wind resistance, This product has a rubbing sound and affects the breathability and has a "hot feel", but at the same time the plastic film and warm fibers are easy to accumulate static electricity and make a clear "cracking" sound when putting on and taking off is. The new generation of thermal underwear uses new materials and new technologies to replace hot melt films and basically overcomes the above shortcomings. When purchasing, just shake it gently or rub it with your hand.

24 trials of elasticity: a new generation of thermal underwear is developing multi-functional developments such as health care and antibacterial. This kind of underwear has lycra added to the fabric and bottom, and the inner core layer is made of a high modulus polymer. The price is considerably higher than the regular product, but it fits the body and does not have any hypertrophy. The movement of the joints is very free.

Five brands to choose: From raw material selection to spinning, weaving, dyeing, blending, sewing and factory inspections, tightly controlling all links and processes to ensure product warmth, breathability and antibacterial properties Various indicators such as required underwear flexibility meet the criteria. Therefore, after purchasing thermal underwear, consumers pay attention to purchasing excellent strength, brand, and reputable enterprise products after a comprehensive performance-price ratio to ensure there is no worry after purchase Must pay.

Try it: Look at it. It is dangerous to buy without trying. Shopping guides at famous brand stores and counters are generally professionally trained and can offer tips on choices, so communicating honestly with them is very rewarding.