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What are the main needs for thermal underwear washing?

Thermal underwear is different from ordinary cotton underwear. If it is not washed properly, it will not only damage the fibers inside, but also greatly shorten its wearing life.

Thermal underwear is not dry-cleaning. The ideal method is to wash it gently or by hand.

The water temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, and is preferably controlled at about 30 ° C.

Use a neutral detergent. Do not use soaps or detergents containing whitening agents. A moderate amount of detergent is required. Too much detergent will burden the fabric and affect the texture of the underwear.

It is best to wash each person's clothes separately. At least the clothes of children and adults should be washed separately. The clothes of healthy and sick people should be washed separately. Underwear and outer clothing should be washed separately. Pay attention to different types of clothes to be washed separately. Laundry detergents play their respective roles.