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What are the characteristics T-shirts?

T-shirts generally use a wide range of materials, including cotton, linen, wool, silk, synthetic fibers and their blends, especially cotton, linen or linen cotton blends, and are breathable, soft, comfortable, cool, sweaty It has advantages such as absorption and heat dissipation. T-shirts are often knitwear, but their design and production have been redesigned as consumers' needs change. As a result, textile T-shirts have also appeared on the market and are a new member of the T-shirt family. This T-shirt often uses ribbed collars or ribbed sleeves and ribbed edges and is decorated with mechanical embroidery and trademarks. This not only reflects the creativity of the clothing designer, but also makes the T-shirt unique and adds beauty to the outfit. Among the woven T-shirt fabrics, silk fabrics with characteristics such as lightness, softness, and smoothness are the first choice and are especially comfortable to wear. T-shirts made of nylon washed with polyester silk or artificial nylon are complemented by inlays that add special style and artistic appeal to the T-shirts loved by young men and women. In addition, rich spring spinning with rayon and rayon woven, specially processed peach velvet polyester simulation silk, real silk washed with warp, and spun silk are all fabrics perfect for T-shirts There is a cheap cotton fabric has become a darling of T-shirt fabric. It has the characteristics of being natural and easy to wear, absorbing sweat, breathable, non-allergic to the skin, comfortable wearing, having the largest proportion of T-shirts, going back to nature and advocating for nature Meets psychological requirements.