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How much do you know about T-shirt fabrics?

Everyone knows that cotton T-shirts are reliable, but the knowledge of the technology of the cotton age and the knowledge of T-shirt fabrics is constantly changing. New polymer polyester cotton T-shirts are also needed and Lycra has been added. Cotton materials can make clothes more flexible, and new environmentally friendly fabrics are gaining in popularity. There are still many details about knowledge of T-shirts and fabrics. Everyone remembers that cotton t-shirt fabric is currently the most common fabric. That's all.

Among the T-shirt fabrics, common fabrics used to make T-shirts are pure cotton, polyester cotton hexagon, herringbone pattern, stripe, square mesh, composite rib, mesh and so on. Currently, many new fabrics are being developed, including modal, polymer hygroscopic, etc.The number of cotton fabrics such as fiber, bamboo charcoal polyester blend, germanium fiber, silver fiber, collagen etc. is usually 21 and 32 and weigh from 160g to 320g Grams. (Polyester refers to chemical fiber or chemical fiber)

T-shirt fabric properties: Cotton fabric properties: soft, comfortable and environmentally friendly, weight is generally between 160g and 300g, usually too transparent to be too thin and too breathless if too thick Choose 180-260g.Better is generally the average length of cotton fibers 21 and 32, the softer the bale, the more the bale is divided into plain, semi-fine and fine thread is. , Especially on dark fabrics, have white thread dots. The surface of worst wool is relatively neat and soft to the touch, and this type of fabric is called combed cotton. However, cotton fabrics are easy to pleate and will fade in color after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The characteristics of polyester cotton fabric are soft and thick, and it is difficult to deform even when washed, but the feeling of wearing is slightly inferior to pure cotton. Common polyester cotton is a ratio of 80% cotton / 20% polyester or 65% cotton / 35% polyester and 35% cotton / 65% polyester. These days, few people use polyester or cotton to make T-shirts, but they are mainly used to produce school uniforms.