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How to avoid the misunderstanding of choosing thermal underwear?

Chemical fibers may not be bad

Affected by environmental awareness, we will take it for granted that warm clothes are better than natural fabrics. Consumers are full of resistance to chemical fiber and think that such clothes must not be healthy enough. In fact, this view is a bit one-sided. After adding chemical fibers to some clothes, the clothes are not only fluffy and elastic, but also increase gloss, feel softer and more comfortable, and keep warm. Although clothing still has the largest amount of cotton fiber and the most mature technology, the chemical fiber addition technology is also relatively mature.

Do not "recognize" acrylic is wrong

In fact, in Japan, the amount of acrylic fiber is very large, but the Chinese are still not very "recognized". In fact, as long as the thermal underwear containing acrylic fiber is added in a proper proportion and passed the quality inspection, the thermal insulation effect is still good. Because acrylic has a relatively low thermal conductivity in the fabric, it does not conduct heat from the body to the outside, and clothes with acrylic can be more fluffy. But the addition amount of acrylic fiber should not be too large, otherwise it feels "creak" and feels bad.

It is important to read the labels carefully when choosing clothes to see which layer of acrylic is added to the clothing. If acrylic is added to the inner layer, it is best not to choose this kind of clothing, which is not comfortable enough and may cause irritation to the skin.

No thin, warm underwear

Keeping warm is related to the thickness of clothes. Thicker clothes must be warm, and thinner ones must be frozen, so there is almost no thin and warm thermal underwear. If you want to wear warm, you can look at the thermal insulation rate of underwear. The country has issued standards for thermal underwear, requiring thermal underwear to be warmer than 30%.

Thermal underwear is "Chinese characteristics"

In fact, the so-called thermal underwear is a concept developed by the Chinese themselves. There is no concept of thermal underwear in foreign countries. People directly wear ordinary underwear, and there are no products similar to thermal underwear. Only China has thermal underwear inspection standards.

Brushed clothes will keep warm after washing

Some readers asked why old thermal underwear doesn't always feel warm when worn. According to his description of the fabric, he learned that the inner layer is "fluffy". The explanation of the experts is that this brushed clothes is relatively warm to wear at first, but this kind of clothing has very thin fibers and will ball after washing. The original "standing" piles will "lay down", so the warmth will gradually increase. Worse.

Buy warm clothing and choose a size

Thermal underwear is difficult to judge the pros and cons by the fabric, go to the big mall to choose a brand with a certain reputation or quality assurance. Another point to choose is to buy thermal underwear, choose a size larger than normal clothing, such as your original size L clothes, then you should buy a set of XL size thermal underwear, because this clothing is definitely thicker than ordinary small shirt , So the binding is stronger, if you choose a code that you usually wear, you will feel tied. In addition, the shrinkage rate of this kind of clothes is greater than that of ordinary clothes after it is put into the water.