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How to choose the right pajamas?

Wearing pajamas at home is not only fashion but also a wise practice for health reasons. Buying women's pajamas is more complicated than buying clothes. Sleepwear should be worn comfortably and healthy.

Pay attention to the fabric and health of your pajamas.

The most ideal pajamas fabric should be knit pajamas, why? The knit pajamas are light and thin, so they are soft and comfortable to wear. In addition, the best raw materials should be cotton fabrics, or at least cotton-based synthetics.

In fact, from a health perspective, cotton clothes are the most ideal. This is because cotton clothes are very hygroscopic, can absorb the sweat of the skin and are highly breathable.

Pay attention to the color of your pajamas and improve your sleep quality.

Darker pajamas are not good for human health, while more elegant and lighter ones help calm the eyes. Light colors are more likely to irritate people's eyesight, make them less relaxed, and difficult for those nervous about sleep.

The size of the pajamas should be larger than the smaller size.

Of course, the clothes you sleep in are different from the clothes you wear. During the day, you only sleep when you are relaxing, so don't think about anything extra when you sleep. When you go to sleep, sleep comfortably, wear loose clothing, and keep your body in your clothes. There is enough space to stretch.

Silk pajamas are slippery, comfortable, beautiful and sexy, but because they can't absorb sweat, they're perfect for sexy pajamas.

Pajamas are also a type of clothes, and although they have a different style than general clothes, they are generally classified into the following categories.

The first type is the suspender skirt. This type of pajamas is primarily suitable for summer wear, is fashionable and can best show a woman's sexy charm. The second is a split suit, which is a pajamas designed primarily for ease of use and comfort, and is less annoying than skirts and very convenient for action.

Choose the right pajamas

Of the pajamas brand types, two are more popular: silk pajamas and cotton pajamas.

1. Silk pajamas are smooth and soft, which gives the skin a delicate massage effect, absorbs and eliminates sweat and secretions of the skin and keeps the skin clean. Threonine and seric acid ester contained in silk improve blood circulation, increase vitality of epidermal cells, prevent skin aging, and effectively protect human skin from ultraviolet rays.

2.Cotton pajamas are highly hygroscopic, can absorb skin perspiration well, are soft and breathable, reduce skin irritation and prevent allergies and itching, so this kind of clothing is most comfortable You can wear it. ..

Pajamas color selection

When it comes to color, most consumers choose more elegant and bright colors. This tone is suitable for family kimonos, it has a calming effect, and bright and bright pajamas affect the relaxation of people's mood. Affects the rest.

Therefore, the color of pajamas is suitable for choosing different pinks, such as pink, pink green, pink yellow, beige.

Pajamas style

In the selection of pajamas, you should choose the front and back of your pajamas and have enough width and style. Sleeping well on your chest, abdomen, and back is a terrible nightmare.

In addition, pajamas are easy to wear, easy to take off, easy to wash and have a wide range of fabrics. All kinds of soft, breathable, refreshing and smooth, easy to absorb sweat, elegant luxurious fabrics such as brocade, printed velvet, silk covered cotton and other fabrics pajamas are popular among young people .