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Basic common sense of choosing pajamas?

The materials for pajamas have been updated more and more, and with the birth of new fibers, pajamas have been given new vitality. Red Pink Baby Pajamas design popular products by keeping track of popular trends by selecting seasonal materials. However, good sleepwear should be carefully maintained to continue its wear life.

1. Washing method The maximum water temperature for hand washing is 40℃.

1. Do not put in tumble dryer

2. Do not iron

3. No dry cleaning

4. Unavailable chlorine bleach (household bleach)

Second, the cleaning method

1. The most ideal cleaning method is to wash your hands with warm water and a neutral emulsion.

2. Hand wash with cold water, lukewarm water, or cold water slightly below body temperature (40°C or less), and do not use hot water.

3. You can use neutral detergent for general neutral detergent or underwear.

Four. Please use an appropriate amount of detergent If too much detergent is used, the texture will be overloaded and damage your pajamas.

Five. Detergent should be completely dissolved in warm water of 30℃-40℃ before putting down clothes.

6. To prevent color unevenness, do not attach detergent directly to your pajamas.

7. Chlorine bleach can damage the material and cause your pajamas to turn yellow.

3. Drying method

1. Please use hand wash.

2. Please dry in a cool place. Exposure to sunlight can cause the clothing to deteriorate and turn yellow, shortening its useful life.