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How to choose pajamas

Feel the visual method:

1. By visual inspection, real silk has a soft luster, lightness and softness, and a sense of drape. The chemical fiber fabric is not soft and bright.

2. Silk fibers are slender and long, cotton fibers are short, and wool is curled. The chemical fiber has good uniformity.

3. Feel method: Silk feels soft, smooth and comfortable to the skin. There will be wrinkles when placed, so there is a saying "no wrinkles, no silk".

Combustion method:

1. The silk has the odor of burning feathers when burning, it is difficult to continue burning, and it will self-extinguish. The ash is brittle, crisp, fluffy, and black.

2. When burning rayon (viscose fiber), it smells of burning paper with chemical smell. Burning is extremely fast. The ash is ash-free except for the dull ones, with a small amount of gray-black ash.

3. Cotton and polyester have a very weak sweetness when burned. They do not continue to burn directly or continue to burn slowly. The ash is hard and round, and forms pearls.

4. Both cotton and hemp have the smell of burning paper, and the ashes are soft and dark gray.

5. Wool burns like silk. Visual inspection shows that the two are different.

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