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No harm wear cotton autumn

As a joint that supports the important weight of the human body, the knee joint is most afraid of cold. Especially in autumn and winter, not only the temperature is low, but also cold wind often blows, and in just a few minutes, cold wind enters the defenseless knee joint and becomes cold. In various parts of the human body, the lower limbs and lower limbs are relatively far from the heart. Not only does blood flow over long distances, but the meridians of the whole body are also collected, so "the feet are cold and the whole body is cold." If the body is cold, the resistance of the body will decrease accordingly. , Illness and evil may occur. If you don't pay attention to keeping your feet warm in the cold season, you will suffer from back pain, leg pain, sciatica, and knee pain for many years. Especially in middle age, the ability to generate heat declines, so if you don't keep up with your trousers, the temperature of your lower limbs will drop, which will affect the nutritional and physiological conditions of your feet and the whole body.

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