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What are the benefits of cotton T-shirts?

Pure cotton clothing is breathable, sweat wicking, non-irritating to the skin and comfortable for people with allergic skin. Cotton clothes are great for babies and toddlers, cotton clothes don't tingle in the summer, and winters are warm and comfortable. However, pure cotton clothing is not shaped and shrinks, fades, deforms and pills after passing water. But now, there is cotton moth, pure cotton does not deform.

The benefits of wearing a cotton T-shirt are:

1. Hygroscopicity: Cotton fiber has excellent hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, fibers can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, so they come in contact with human skin and do not feel soft and stiff.

2. Moisturization: Due to the porosity and high elasticity of cotton fibers, a large amount of air may accumulate between the fibers, and air does not conduct heat and electricity well, so pure cotton T-shirts have high moisture retention Wear pure cotton fabric, clothes make people feel warm.

3. Heat resistance: Pure cotton fabric has excellent heat resistance, and at normal temperature it is not affected by wear, washing, printing, dyeing, etc., and pure cotton fabric has improved wash resistance and abrasion resistance.

4. Alkali resistance: Cotton fiber has excellent alkali resistance and does not damage the fiber in alkaline solution, so it is useful for cleaning, disinfecting and removing impurities after taking, and can also be used for cleaning cotton. Textiles are dyed, printed and processed in various processes to produce newer types of cotton.

5. Hygiene: Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component of which is cellulose, with a small amount of waxy substances, nitrogen-containing substances and pectin. Pure cotton casual T-shirts are beneficial to the human body for a long time. Normal material, pure cotton fabric, loose weave, easy to fluff after wearing for a long time, deform after washing too much, shrink easily, polish too much, iron too much, mirror easily, wrinkle It tends to become yellow, and easily fluffs and fades.