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How to choose pajamas?

Light, thin, soft and breathable fabrics are selected in the summer, excellent drapeability, heat absorption and sweat absorption, and spring and autumn require warmth, comfort and comfort. The fabric pattern is light and regular and requires a small floral or grid pattern. In winter you can choose a slightly thicker color and pattern. Pajamas should be washed and dried often, and silk should not be exposed in the shade. Change your pajamas frequently as you may sweat in the summer.

1. When cleaning silk pajamas, be sure to turn it over. Dark silk pajamas should be washed separately from light colors.

2. Summer sweaty silk pajamas should be washed immediately or dipped in clean water. Do not wash with warm water above 30 degrees.

3. Use a special silk cleaning product for polyester. Do not use alkaline detergents, soaps, powder detergents or other detergents. Silk dresses should not be disinfected or soaked in laundry products. When washing, rinse it several times and gently rub it by hand. To prevent wrinkles, do not twist the silk underwear strongly after washing. To keep your silk pajamas bright and soft, add a few drops of white vinegar to your final rinse.

4. When curing, iron the silk pajamas once it is 80% dry. It is not appropriate to spray water directly. You also need to iron the back of your clothes and control the temperature to 100-180 degrees. will

5. Soak yellow silk clothes in clean water and change once a day. The yellow color disappears after 3 days. If there is yellow sweat stains, rinse with melon juice.

6. Since hair also contains a lot of protein and silk cloth, pour an appropriate amount of shampoo into clean water (use the same amount as silk detergent), put in silk clothes, wash and then wash lightly.

7. If your clothing has more than one color, it is best to do a fade test. Because silk garments are relatively fast, the easiest way is to apply a light towel to the garment for a few seconds and lightly rub it. Wipe gently, if silk underwear is dyed with a towel, it cannot be washed. Only dry cleaning. Then wash your silk chiffon, satin clothes and dry cleaning.