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What are your pajamas options?

Hand inspection method:

1. Visually, real silk has a soft sheen, lightness and softness, and a drape. The luster of synthetic fiber fabric is soft, bright and not dazzling.

2. Silk fibers are thin and long, cotton fibers are short, and wool is curled. The chemical fibers are clean.

3. Hand feel: Silk is soft, smooth and feels good on the skin. Since there are wrinkles when pasted, it is said that there is no wrinkles or silk.

Combustion method:

1. When burned, silk smells like burning feathers, it is difficult to keep burning, and it disappears naturally. The ash is brittle, brittle, fluffy and black.

2. Rayon (viscose fiber) has a chemical scent mixed with the paper when burned. Continues to burn very fast. There is no ash other than the one without light, and there is a little ash.

3. Cotton and polyester have very weak sweetness when burnt, do not continue to burn directly or slowly, and the ash is round and ball-shaped.

Four. The smell of burnt paper on both cotton and linen, the ash is a soft dark gray.

Five. Wool burns like silk. You can see the difference visually

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