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How to maintain pajamas

In summer, the fabric with light, thin, soft and good air permeability should be selected, and its drapability should be good. It has the function of absorbing heat and sweat. In spring and autumn, it is required to keep warm well, relaxed and comfortable. Fabric design should be elegant, regular small flower or bar pattern. In winter, you can choose more colors and patterns. Pajamas should be washed and dried frequently, silk should be dried in the shade and not exposed to the sun. Sweat more in summer, so pajamas should be changed frequently.

1. When cleaning silk pajamas, you must turn the clothes upside down. Dark silk pajamas should be washed separately from light colored ones;

2. Summer sweaty silk pajamas should be immediately washed or soaked in water, avoid washing with hot water above 30 degrees;

3. Please use special silk washing products instead of alkaline detergent, soap, washing powder or other detergents. For silk dresses, do not use disinfectant, let alone soak in the washing products. Rinse several times with clean water, rub gently with hands when washing, and do not wring silk underwear after washing to avoid wrinkling. In order to keep the color of silk pajamas bright and soft, a few drops of white vinegar can be added to the final rinse;

4. During maintenance, the silk pajamas should be ironed when 80% of them are dry, and it is not suitable to spray water directly. The reverse side of clothes should be ironed, and the temperature should be controlled between 100-180 ℃. take

5. The yellow silk clothes are soaked in clean rice washing water. Change the water once a day, and the yellow will fade after three days. If there are yellow sweat stains, you can wash them with wax gourd juice;

6. Pour a proper amount of shampoo into the water (the amount used is the same as silk detergent), and rub the silk clothes into it. It is too clear after rubbing, because the hair also contains a lot of protein, so is the silk fabric.

7. When there are more than two colors on the clothes, it is better to do a fading test, because the color fastness of silk clothes is relatively low. The simplest way is to soak a light colored towel and press it for a few seconds and gently wipe it. If the towel is dyed with silk underwear, it can't be washed but can only be dry cleaned; secondly, silk chiffon and satin clothes should be dry cleaned.