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What is the danger of wearing autumn pants

As an important weight bearing joint of the human body, the knee joint is most afraid of cold. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, not only are the temperatures low, but also often accompanied by cold winds, which in a matter of minutes can reach the unprotected knee joints and become cold. In all parts of the human body, the lower limbs and feet are relatively far from the heart. Blood not only flows long distances, but also flows through the meridians of the whole body, so "the feet are cold and then the whole body is cold". , Evil may enter by disappearing. Failure to pay attention to keeping feet warm in the cold season can cause back and leg pain, sciatica, and knee pain for many years. Especially after middle age, the heat production capacity decreases. If you don't wear autumn pants, the temperature of your lower limb reflux blood will drop, affecting the nutritional and physiological status of your legs, and your entire body.

How to choose autumn pants

1. View brand

The brand is good and the quality is not bad.

2. Look at the workmanship

The most important workmanship is the crotch, waist, cuffs and neckline. Check whether the sewing at these places is fine or thick. If you are woven with thick thread, it is not recommended to buy it because the thread breaks when playing sports.

3. View elasticity

Qiuyi Qiuku itself is the garment worn inside. It makes sense to have to be relatively flexible. After all, sit, stand, run, walk. Qiuyi Qiuyi, with better stiffness and better resilience if the clothing inside is too hard, does not have this problem.

4. View the materials

In fact, if the Qiu Yi Qiu Qi wants to breathe well, use cotton. When good elasticity is required, fiber, especially soy fiber, is better. Relatively speaking, elasticity is very high.

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