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What are the details of customizing T-shirts?

1.First of all, you can see it with the naked eye. Don't choose a dark T-shirt in summer. If you do not control the time to fix the color of the fabric, the products you make will fade away in everyday life and sweat. Rainy skin sticks, causing skin irritation, mixing with other clothing during washing, causing unnecessary troubles, Xiaobian remembers that after washing after washing, you have to do the washing Reminded: wear colored clothes and wash together 

2. Secondly, there are various types of T-shirt fabrics, such as ordinary synthetic fabrics, cotton, mercerized cotton, ice silk cotton, modal and CVC. The functions are different and the fabric selected when customizing is different. Mercerized cotton is used for normal work. Common casual t-shirts are made of relatively comfortable cotton fabric

3.Next, you can judge the softness and softness of the fabric by hand tension.With the increasingly modern technology, various synthetic fiber cotton fabrics are derived to expand the function of breathability and softness You. No one knows, but the thin, suitable stretchy cotton material is a medium fabric, and the dense, thin, stretchy fabric is a top-notch fabric. Can be purchased.