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What kind of fabric is suitable for cotton autumn? How to choose autumn pants?

1. Pure cotton autumn trousers: excellent breathability

After sweating, some people may worry that their pants will be moist and stick to the skin, causing skin diseases such as a rash. Pure cotton autumn trousers are well breathable and are the first choice for consumers. Clinically, patients with skin problems caused by wearing pure cotton pants are rarely diagnosed and treated.

2. Cashmere pants: Do not wear if you are allergic

Fall trousers with cashmere ingredients have the highest warmth index and are popular among the elderly. However, people who are allergic to wool are not suitable for wearing trousers with cashmere.

3. Lunqiang pants: professional electrostatic users

Humidity is low in the fall and winter, and there is always a crackle when wearing pants. It is recommended to apply moisturizer before wearing polyester pants. In addition, polyester materials can irritate the skin. Especially for dry skin, people with itching or allergies, or children with delicate skin, it is recommended not to wear this fabric.

4. Tight pants: no blood circulation

Many women believe that tight autumn trousers can keep you warm and show you what you are. However, these trousers are tightly wrapped around the body, which not only prevents blood circulation and keeps the body warm, but also lowers the body temperature. Individuals should pre-wear autumn trousers, such as menstruating and pregnant women, elderly and arthritic patients, and people with Yang deficiency. Menstruating women should wear high-waisted autumn trousers to avoid cold intrusions.