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What are the uses of pajamas?

Pajamas have always been used as home clothes. Wearing them makes people relax. But if  someone is walking in the street wearing pajamas, they will feel that they don't know how to dress. But these days I saw a few news, let me re understand the role of pajamas.

An underwear company in South Korea also has a "Pajama day" once a month. When all employees arrive at the company, they have to change into their pajamas and start working. It is said that this can stimulate everyone's creative inspiration.

Many freelancers work at home, so there is also a pajama culture.

Although wearing pajamas is comfortable, it will not be solemn and polite in the workplace. If you can have a business casual dress. Business pajamas, it is better to distinguish them from the pajamas at home. I always feel that pajamas are like their own privacy. People should have their own space. If they all wear pajamas to work, do they still have their own private space? Once people wear pajamas at home, they will not have the feeling of leaving home and relaxing. On this basis, designers later changed into different styles, such as fashionable pajamas that can be worn outside, and so on.