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What are the advantages and disadvantages of knitted fabric culture shirt?

Knitted fabric has the characteristics of soft texture, moisture absorption and air permeability, excellent elasticity, extensibility and producibility. Knitted clothing is comfortable to wear, close to the body and body, without tight feeling, which can fully reflect the body curve. Modern knitted fabrics are becoming more and more colorful. Now it has entered the stage of multi-functional and advanced development. The development of new knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions has brought unprecedented sensory and visual effects to knitwear.

Advantages of knitted fabric culture shirt:

1. It has a soft feel. The knitted fabric is made of coils in series, and its knitting density is small, and the knitting yarn is usually added with a small amount of twist, so the texture is soft and comfortable.

2. It has good extensibility and elasticity. Due to the large space between the loops of knitted fabrics, the loops are easy to deform and expand under force, which makes the fabric elongate. After eliminating the external force, it can return to its original state and has excellent elasticity. This is especially important for sportswear.

3. Excellent air permeability and wrinkle resistance. The open space between the knitting coils is conducive to the elimination of sweat and good air permeability; the use of chemical fiber makes the knitted garment fabric have the advantages of straightness and wrinkle free, and there is no need to iron after washing.

The defects of knitted fabrics are: easy to fall off, curl up, easy to pick up silk, not as strong and durable as woven fabrics.